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Welcome to The Foothill Roundup

2017 brings the 25th annual Silver Jubilee edition of The Foothill Roundup. We have been servicing the San Gabriel Valley with support from local A.A. and Al-Anon groups for a quarter of a century. This year we are focusing on Unity in Recovery.

For as long as the Foothill Roundup has been around, the main goal has been to ensure that there is an affordable option for those in recovery to experience what a convention is like. As some of it’s larger siblings the Foothill Roundup looks to combine the experience, strength and hope of those with time with the exuberance of those young in sobriety. We want everyone to know that they are welcome with the main goal to convey that together we get to share the beauty of unity in recovery. The roundup offers the opportunity for everybody to experience the miracle of recovery.

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